VICTOR LEE: Harbor City (single)

Happy Melodic Fusion


I Needed This

“Harbor City” just released by Victor Lee, multi-instrumentalist/guitarist extraordinaire, is the perfect, necessary counterpoint to the recent heart-stopping news that RUSH drummer Neil Peart succumbed to brain cancer, aged 67.

“Harbor City”

I say this because this track from Victor’s forthcoming sophomore release, brings positivity, joy, exquisite musicianship, and energy in one four-minute-forty-six-second whirlwind.

It’s a reminder:  music, great music, goes on.  It’s bigger than any one of us, no matter how towering, commanding, and influential we may individually be.


The Company He Keeps

Victor is joined by several ace players: Andreas Skorpe Sjøen (Umpfel, FleshkillerFacebook on drums and tasty Latin-tinged percussion; and Henrik Linder (Dirty LoopsFacebook , laying down bass- and a mighty fine solo on this track.

The Track

Victor starts with gentle rippling keyboards, and the sound of water rippling.

Then the crisp percussion and bass enter, and Victor joins with his trademark sweet, melodic guitar lines.  Using different tones from piercing Strat-like leads, to liquid flowing lines, Victor demonstrates taste and finesse without resorting to ridiculous pyrotechnics.


And that Latin-tinged passage

Yes, I did mention that, didn’t I?  Suddenly, the listener is treated to multiple percussion instruments, jazzy guitar chords, and tasty bass lines…

Until the main theme returns.

And the excellent music will go on.

That Art Work

Another perfect component of this excellent release:  the stunning art of Diego Alexander Matiz. Facebook


Victor Lee links:  website   Youtube

Progressive Rock Fanatics link:  Facebook group


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