CLAUDIO DELGIFT: The Essential Claudio Delgift (A Compilation)

Crisp Guitar-Driven Progressive Music with Transcendental Aims



Claudio Delgift: guitars/bass/keyboards/vocals

Tom Geisler: drums in tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 8

Theo Heidfeld: drums in track 6

Nicolás Jourdain: drums in tracks 2, 12

Nicolás Roldán: drums in tracks 7, 9

ONE: keyboard in track 11

Fernando Refay: keyboard in track 10 and 12

12390948_886339324812786_7924579117817432700_n.jpg 458076_4353975201213_1125796707_o.jpg



01 Tricapsule / 3:38

02 Vortex / 5:18

03 Another Stage / 5:25

04 Clovers In The Field / 3:00

05 To Think, To Say, To Do / 4:51

06 Ease And Comfort In The Silence Of Hearts Entwined / 6:21

07 The World As A Whole / 8:52

08 Stereotypes / 4:52

09 Ascent Of The Core/ Descent Of The Stars / 8:00

10 Bonds / 2:16

11 Mother Earth Network / 7:38

12 A Promise Of Light And Wonder / 8:56

A Compilation

These tracks represent tasty slices of musical riches from the “C”- as Claudio Rodriguez “Delgift” -a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina- is also known.

Tracks 1 and 9 from Reflections of Utopia (2017), 2, 10 and 12 from One Life Many Roads (2018), 3 from Crystal-clear Grey Eyes (2015), 11 from Earthly Vibes (2015), 7 from Cycles (2016), 4 and 8 from Vol. I (2012), 5 and 6 from Vol. II (2013)


The Music:

With the descriptor “Crisp” always in my mind, I heard strong hints of RUSH in these tracks- guitars were layered with arpeggio lines, power chords, spry lead lines, embroidered into complex arrangements, with plenty of variety and tempo changes to keep us progressive fanatics happy.

Keyboards were sparingly present, adding texture and ambiance, with the exception of track 12, “A Promise of Light and Wonder”- in which keyboards play a much bigger role.  That’s my current favorite track.

Claudio also adds the hard-driving bass lines that complement and supplement the fine guitar work.

A variety of guest drummers round out the rhythm section- and it’s good to hear actual human, not programmed, drummers.

Vocals were perhaps the weakest link- adequate and competent, but not outstanding.


Claudio seems to have a poetic soul, and at one moment may wander among the stars in the cosmos, while at other moments glories in the wonders of a lovely young lady.

In Conclusion

Claudio is a prolific musician, and these tracks serve as a good introduction into the breadth and quality of his work so far.


Claudio Delgift links:   Facebook  Bandcamp   Youtube

Progressive Rock Fanatics:   Facebook



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