AKULA: Akula


Crushing Doom-y Post-Rock Molten Progressive Metal


Sergei Parfenov – Guitar
Jeff Martin – Vocals
Scott Hyatt – Bass
Chris Thompson – Guitar
Ronnie Miller – Drums


1. A Pound of Flesh

2. Force Me Open

3. Born of Fire

4. Predators

Debut release from AKULA, formed in Ohio 2016.  Album released 1/2/18.

Mesmerizing Voice

OK, normally I don’t listen to a lot of doom-y progressive metal, but a chance hearing immediately convinced me to stay awhile.

First, that VOICE:  like a wailing wanderer lost in the depths.  Vocalist/lyricist Jeff Martin brings a level of power and polish to this album I had not heard in a long time.

Just my opinion of course, but I don’t need someone screaming or growling at me, especially when I settle back to listen to an album.

How refreshing to hear strong, expressive, high, clean vocal work driving this immense juggernaut into the ozone.


Crushing Riffs

Somehow these two guitar wizards combine to pack a wallop ranging from dark agony to galloping danger.

Sergei Parfenov and Chris Thompson coordinate perfectly to keep the music massive and commanding, bringing a number of moods and tones to the mix.

Sometimes there are spacey licks with an almost Near-Eastern feel, the occasional lead guitar line (but certainly never a self-indulgent wank-session), discordant sustain, and then the anvil drops.

Immaculate Rhythm Section

The timing, the accents, the pulsing drive are all impeccable- sometimes restrained, sometimes full-on.

Bassist Scott Hyatt and drummer Ronnie Miller bring chops and grace to this metallic fury.


The Overall Impact

I had visions of red-robed monks and nuns undulating in a weird, unearthly ritual of pain, sorrow, and trial.

There was a wall of sound that sometimes threatened to overwhelm, then it would recede, regroup, let the VOICE wail and beckon, only to grow and hypnotize yet again.

There were ominous riffs, strident calls, mournful dirges, and those wraith-priests and priestesses performing arcane rites in a gloomy glen, surrounded by ethereal watchers in thrall to deep magick…but I digress.

In Conclusion

A megalithic, madly maniacal tryst of darkness and light steamrolling into the deeps…


AKULA Links:   Facebook    Bandcamp    Youtube link to full album

Progressive Rock Fanatics link:    Facebook


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