BUBU: El Eco del SOL



Una luz detrás de las puertas del Sol y detrás de esa luz la canción que vendrá por vos.

Mundos de gris a la luz de otro sol su color cambian.

Lo que alumbres será lo que verás y brillará más.

Algo viene del cielo Algo va

Las miradas Lo crearán Lo completarán

Al cruzar el eco del sol esplenderá de verdad tu verdad.

En tus pasos otra canción encontrará su lugar, tu lugar.

(A light behind the doors of the Sun and behind that light the song that will come for you/ Worlds of gray in the light of another sun its color changes/ What you illuminate will be what you will see and will shine more/ Something comes from the sky/ Something goes/ The visions/ They will create It/ They will complete it/ By crossing the echo of the sun, your truth will truly shine/ In your steps another song will find its place, your place.)


Daniel Andreoli/ composition and bass
Federico Silva/ electric guitar and acoustic guitar
Julian Bachmanovsky/ Drums
Virginia Maqui Tenconi/ keyboards and choir conducting
Alvar Llusá Damiani/ electric violin and acoustic violin
Juan Ignacio Varela/ tenor saxophone
Emilio Tomás Ariza/ transverse flute


Oscar Amaya Agostina Tudisco
Ana María Battezzati
Pablo Mancuso
Emilio Tomás Ariza
Florence Stefanelli
Abigail D’Angiolillo
Paula Liffschitz
Tina Haus
Lucas Aguirre/ voice
Manuel De La Cruz Zambrano/ percussion
Pablo Murgier/ keyboards
Anibal Dominguez/ transverse flute

El Eco del Sol release date: September 10, 2018



Here is the return of BUBU, Argentinian eclectic progressive rock outfit, about 1 1/2 years after the comeback release of “Resplandor” in 2016.

As you can see from the lyrics above, of the second and title track, the theme of this album is wide and searching. I consider it in toto as a hymn, in the sense of “song of praise” to the infinite.

The longing is conveyed in the masterful use of mood, atmosphere, musicianship, diversity, and lyrics which suggest that there are radiances, universes- indeed, multiverses- losses, hopes, and ultimately faith in something beyond the mortal experience.

This is confirmed and elaborated in the lyrics to track 4, “Omer”- (And in the light of another sun we will be born in an endless infinite/ And the shadow will finally shine/ In the azure birds are weaving their flight/ They paint the salt with a color brought from a dream/ Small diamond of solitude in your voice is the song of the sea/ Small diamond drawing the sea.)


The sense of spiritual longing and praise is also confirmed by the titles to these tracks, original Spanish title followed by rough translations into English.

1. Resplandor “Radiance” 2. El eco del sol “Echo (or emanation) of the sun 3. Ariel “gazelle, lioness of the divine, spirit of the air” 4. Omer “eloquent, long-lived” 5. Cielo Negro “Black Sky” 6. Penas “Pity/Shame” 7. Por la mañana “In the morning” 8. La vaca roja “The red cow” (symbol of purification, coming of messianic age)


This is eclectic progressive rock music, par excellence. There are liberal uses of choral passages, keyboards, a fine rhythm section, saxophone, flute, and violin, along with acoustic and electric guitars.

Music shifts and flows between classical, jazz, and progressive rock, and a highlight for me is the clean, crisp punchy bass guitar.

Sometimes there is stunning interplay as guitar, keyboards, and violin or sax or flute take charge. Instrumental sections are exceptional.



To my ears, the choral sections were lovely; the two tracks that have lyrics and vocal solos are weaker.


An excellent addition to any progressive rock collection, a soaring, lovely journey into the infinite.


4.5 out of 5 Emanations of the Sun

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